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great training materials are available for a fee at lynda.com, my favorite site for learning new skills (UW-Madison students link through STS to get this for free)

Online Training Tutorials

Available trainings:

  1. Using our software wiki
  2. Journalism Reading Room guides for finding information
  3. Using screen capture to record and narrate from your computer
  4. Audacity for audio editing
  5. Soundslides for audio slideshows
  6. Web building blocks for designing and customizing sites
  7. InDesign for creating print layouts
  8. Creating simple vertical timelines using Google spreadsheets
  9. Setting up a public folder on Dropbox
  10. iMovie (through Apple, not J202)


Software Troubleshooting Wiki Instructions

Screen Capture Training

Audacity Training

Soundslides Training

Web Building Blocks

  1. What are HTML & CSS
  2. HTML codes
  3. Styling text with HTML
  4. Creating links
  5. Inserting images
  6. Creating tag styles
  7. Creating class styles
  8. Creating link styles
  9. Understanding page structure (your page as a farm)
  10. ID styles
  11. Compound styles
  12. Customizing WordPress

InDesign Training


Vertical Timeline Training


Journalism Reading Room Guides

Searching with Lexis Nexis

Searching for Story Ideas

Searching for Statistics and Data